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laser vein removal

You can kiss those unsightly veins goodbye with Zest and embrace clear, vein-free skin.

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laser vein removal

You can kiss those unsightly veins goodbye with Zest and embrace clear, vein-free skin.

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the lowdown on laser vein removal

Laser vein removal is a cosmetic procedure that uses a specific type of laser to address visible veins on the face or body. The laser emits a beam of light absorbed by the pigment in the blood vessel, causing it to heat up and eventually collapse. The treated veins are then naturally absorbed by the body over time, resulting in clearer skin! 
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are you a candidate for laser vein removal?

For a smooth laser vein removal experience, it's crucial to be open and thorough with your service provider about your complete medical history. This includes all supplements, prescribed medications, and lifestyle habits to ensure you're an ideal candidate for this treatment. Varicose and spider vein treatments are typically safe for most skin types.

what to expect during laser vein removal at zest

If you're looking to bid farewell to bothersome veins, laser vein removal treatment is the way to go! Utilizing a YAG laser, this cutting-edge procedure involves a handheld laser device delivering precise pulses of energy to target those troublesome veins.

You may feel a slight stinging or burning sensation during the treatment, but don't worry; it's typically well-tolerated and doesn't require anesthesia. 

Remember, our experienced healthcare professionals are here to guide you throughout the process, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Say farewell to unwanted veins, and hello to a smoother, more confident you!

how long does laser vein removal take?

The procedure time will vary based on the area being treated.

pre and post care for laser vein removal

Before you visit us for your treatment, please do not use self-tanning lotions, tanning booths, or excessive sun at least two weeks before your appointment. If you're having laser vein removal on any part of the body where there is hair, please shave before you arrive! 

After the treatment, you may experience temporary discomfort, redness, or swelling, but a cooling gel or cream can help manage these symptoms. Following any post-treatment care instructions your healthcare professional provides is essential, such as avoiding direct sunlight and wearing compression stockings
laser vein

You might experience a bit of stinging or a mild burning sensation during the treatment - but don't stress. These sensations are typically quite manageable and don't call for anesthesia. 

With laser vein removal, there is no downtime! You are able to resume back to your daily activities with a more even-toned, rejuvenated look. Compression socks may need to be worn for a week following your treatment.

Result maintenance varies based on the area of treatment. To reap the full benefits of laser vein removal, please follow the post-care routine we suggest during your appointment.  

After your laser vein removal, you will see spider veins (if that was your concern) disappear in 3 to 6 weeks. If varicose veins were your concern, you will see them disappear in 3 to 4 months. To achieve optimal results, you may need 2 to 3 treatments.

It is important for you to disclose and share your complete medical history with your service provider, which includes supplements, prescribed medication and lifestyle to ensure you are a candidate for laser vein removal. 

Varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments are safe for most skin types. Patients who are breastfeeding, pregnant, have autoimmune disorders, improper wound healing, some skin conditions, recent sun exposure (in the last month), and are on certain medications cannot undergo this treatment.

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